Love Letters - A Digital Keepsake For Your Kids - Notion Template

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What is Love Letters?

Most parents take a ton of photos of their kids but don't know where to start with writing letters to them. 

If anything the last two years has taught us, it's those little moments with your family that count.

To slow things down and go back to basics. 

Love Letters is a simple, organized digital keepsake of letters and memories of their kid's childhood. 

Start writing and leave a lifetime of memories for your kids.

What other parents are saying.

"I'm so glad I started it, I love updating it and reading back over his developing personality over the year. So many memories I would have forgotten, I can't wait for him to read it as an adult."

"I think it's a great idea. Imagine how grateful they will be to have those to remember you by."

"My husband and I love this! We are planning to share this when she turns 18."

How to use Love Letters

This Notion template is designed to get you started with your writing.

The template is organized and structured for each year of their childhood. 

We've included 18 pages for each year of their childhood.

There are more than 10+ prompts to help inspire you to write encouraging messages, capture important milestones and pictures. 

You'll also receive a section 12+ tips and articles to find inspiration from everyday interactions with your kids.

Why use Love Letters? Leave your kids more than just photos.

They say that letters are among the most significant memorial a person can leave behind.

Letters about who your kids were when they were growing up.

The funny things they've said.

The times they made you proud.

Or a simple message that you'll always be there for them.

Just imagine, when your kids are older, they open up these notes and rediscover who they were as a kid.

More importantly, just how much you loved them.

Love Letters lets you:

  • Leave your kid a letter on their birthdays, little notes, and words of wisdom.
  • Save quotes and funny moments that capture your kid's wit and humor.
  • Upload pictures each year, of them and their friends.
  • Track milestones, and other important moments.
  • Document their development as they grow. growth

Love Letters is just as much for you as it is for your kids.

Capture thoughts and moments on the go.

As a Notion template, you can capture all the funny and special moments as they happen on your phone.

Start leaving letters for your kids with Love Letters.

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Start documenting your kids childhood, from birth to 18. Each page includes sections for letters, notes, pictures, milestones and other prompts for you to document about your child.


Love Letters - A Digital Keepsake For Your Kids - Notion Template

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